Case Studies

Paul Cosdon for Supervisor

LAVO DESIGN created and implemented the public image for Paul Cosdon’s successful campaign for Board of Supervisors of Solebury Township. For many reasons we knew that the candidate and the cause were right. Conveying Paul’s ideas and values to the public was a fun and exciting challenge. The previous election for Solebury Supervisor was decided by 2 votes. Paul won by 676 votes!

Sand Castle Winery

Sand Castle Winery is a popular local vineyard with an amazing facility. In addition to tours of their vineyard, and bottling facility, They host tastings, food and wine classes, large events and weddings. They have an art gallery on site featuring artists from around the globe. Recently they have added two retail outlets to their repertoire; Taste. In addition to Sandcastle’s wine, Taste sells gourmet infused olive oil and hand crafted cheeses in addition to other high-end wine related merchandise.

Sandcastle Winery is well known throughout the world for their unique craft wines. LAVO DESIGN created and maintains their website and online store which received 50 orders in the first two weeks! Complete with search engine optimization and meta-data, their website conveys elegance and warmth, inviting potential visitors to book classes and tours through their online store.